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Sudhiro Miyaca Olowan

Sudhiro was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1950, of Irish-Filipino descent. He spent his childhood in the American South; adolescence and youth, in California. He has a B.A. in English from Sonoma State University, and is a published poet (Bay Area Review, Other Voices, Denman Island Rag and Bone) and novelist (Four Directions Home- a biographical, family saga) under his legal name, Michael Donovan. In 1980, he met his spiritual master, Osho, and was given the name, Sudhiro, which means, "the beloved patient one". For fifteen years, he ran a landscaping business in Santa Fe, New Mexico and was father to a twenty-five year old son who died in 2013.

Sudhiro's Lakota name is Miyaca Olowan (Coyote song) He has been guiding Circles and healing camps, Inipis (purification lodge), and Hanbleceyapis (vision quests) throughout the world for forty-five years. He has completed fifteen personal hanblecas and sponsored a hundred and fifty others. He has been a singer, fire keeper, and leader on the peyote road. He carried four Lakota pipes for twenty-eight years, completing a four by seven year cycle and give-away of each. He has led or assisted twelve Osho Mystic Rose meditations and facillitated four intensives. Recently, he completed teaching a three year training in Shamanism through the Academy of Light, Awareness and Art, Maiolo (RI), Italy.

Sudhiro has gathered and expanded his medicine through many sources. His Native American teachers include Shimta (Dineh-Navajo), John Fire Lame Deer, Wallace Black Elk and Good Horse Nation (all Lakota), Patch (San Juan Pueblo), Guadalupe de la Cruz (Huichol), Grandfather David (Hopi), Rosemary Clear Lake (Tlingit) and Medicine Story (Wampanoag). Equally important, has been the many friendships with brothers and sisters of the Circle, too numerous to mention here. His most vital connections are to his son, Hoku, and to Osho, with whom he lived for ten years.

Sudhiro has tried to follow the example of his teachers- honoring spirit, open heart, ordinariness, simplicity, spontaneity and humor. He works through Circle as a teaching form, and Ceremony as vehicle for the sacred. Some of those ceremonies include: Inipi (purification sweatlodge), Hambleceyapi (vision quest), Chanunpa (sacred pipe), Shakope Oye (six powers) and Hanble Maka (earth vision) dances; Ancestors Walk, Talk and Negative (energy clearing) SticksStarlight, Medicine WheelCircle MassageTunnel of LoveTrust/ Fall, Mirroring, Directional Paintings and the Osho Mystic Rose Meditation (laughter, tears and watcher on the hill).
He also utilizes song, chant, drum, storytelling, meditation, and contemporary music and dance. 

Fundamentally, he is guided by the understanding that ceremony is a vehicle to directly access
the dimension of the sacred and the healing power of connectedness.

He is currently at work on a second book, titled, "Chasing Coyote's Tail," a memoir of his experiences on the medicine path, and "Shooting Star," a tribute, honoring his son.


"Four Directions Home" may be ordered at booklocker.com  A translation in Italian will be available soon.

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